Fibreglass Ireland uses Bespoke-rooflights on our projects. Bespoke-rooflights have been designed with efficiency, durability and clean lines in mind.

Bespoke-rooflights incorporate the finest materials available with the most up to date advances’ in glass and sealant technology.

Bespoke-rooflights design and extrude their own aluminium sections and are used exclusively by Bespoke-rooflights.


Roof light frames are constructed of:

Aluminium Frame Powder coated finish Drained cavity design

Thermal Barrier Insulator between frame and glass Dow corning sealant used throughout

Please see specification documents below 

glass-specks-DG-1.2-u glass-specks-TG-0.7-U glass-specks-TG-0.8-U

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